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The Talented and Creative Ink List of 

Publications and Presses

P.O. Box 131032
The Woodlands, TX 77393-1032
United States

Societies and Major Organizations

National Endowment for the Arts
National Writers Union
The Poetry Society
The Academy of American Poets

Helpful References for the Aspiring Writer

Online Dictionaries and References:Includes dictionaries in all of the major languages. Simply amazing!
LMBM and Word Syntax:Having trouble with your syntax? Try this site!
THOR:The Virtual Reference Desk
Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr.
The Internet Public LibraryNot every book ever written, but a good collection of works you can download.
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations>
The WebgatorYou will be surprised what (and who) you can find on the Web!

 Important info!Copyright and Intellectual Property Links

References for those who write for children

Aaron Shepard's Kidwriter Page:A great page for Beginners!
The Slush Pile:A site for children's writers who don't have agents or connections yet.
The Purple Crayon:A site created by a child literature publisher.
Children's Writers Place:Good examples of ineffective and effective children's stories and poetry.
Once Upon A Time:A good support magazine.
Children's Writing Resource Center
Kids 'n Stuff Writing for Children Home Page
Children's Literature Web Guide:Discussion boards and resources.

Resources for Playwrights

Playwrights Resources
Houston's Theater Page:A Playwright's Page With Links
Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing
Screenwrighters and Playwrights Page
Screenwriters Utopia:An Excellent Source!
Theatre Central
Playwrights Cafe:A Play Writing Group

Job Opportunities for Writers

News Jobs: An enormous job list that includes jobs for writers
Avalanche of Jobs for Writers, Editors, and Copywriters
Monique Cuvelier's News Jobs
The Write Jobs
Authorlink! Writing Jobs and Markets
Publishing Industry Job Postings
Job Links for Writers
The Writer's Nook Markets Page

Websites for the Aspiring Publisher

Places For Publishers:Info. about the book industry
Books A to Z:Publishing organizations in North America
Libraries and Library Associations:A list of major libraries and what types of publications they purchase

Colegiate Presses and Publishing Companies

The Association of American University Presses: The mother of all university press webpages. Can't find that university press? Check this out!

Foreign Press Links

Other Literary Publications

New England Review
New Works Review
BOA Edtions, Ltd.

Publications For Writers

Poets & Writers Magazine
This has always been a great resource as a magazine, so you can imagine the website. One of the best!
The Writers Journal
StoryCrafting: The Fiction Writers Magazine
A resource for screenwriters, novelists and short story writers.
Writers Block
A list of magazines and newsletters for children's writers
Inkspot: The Writer's Resource
Here is a unique way to get published--an electronic publishing company.
Writers Network
Electronic publishing
Writers Write
Another great resource for writers!


TCI Website Directory

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TCI Writers Group Home Page
TCI List of Publications and Presses
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The No Experience Required Homepage
TCI Page for English and Literature Majors
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Awards Earned by TCI and the NER Staff
TCI Authors and Literary Research Page
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